lida & bird

Hi! My life, a sketching book!

Since I was a child I remember my hands red, blue, yellow, green…

Walking on earth but with my mind in the sky.

Birds friendly, fish friendly, bee friendly, un animal child.

Mogli was my brother, Van Gogh my uncle, Beethoven my neighbour,

Andersen my father & Heleni my mother, who actually was.

So I add also books, travels, art, friends, children and a lot of love in my life and here I am.

Have a look what this combination might do to a person!


Lida Varvarousi was born in Athens, Greece.
She grew up in her painter mother’s atelier. Visits to museums, art Galleries, poetry, dance, theatre, literature and traveling were a part of her everyday life since she was a little girl. She considers Degas, Matisse, Klee and Schiele also as her “teachers”.
Since she was a child has a vivid, never ending passion for books.
Studied in Vakalo school Art & Design. Worked as un illustrator and art director in advertising companies.
Till she had her children and thought to give her Knowledge and time to them & other children too.
So after illustrated 200 books and write 15 of them she felt that it was time for her stories to fly out of her books.
Then she began drawing what she narrated on big surfaces of paper or on the wall!
Everybody then could seeing and feeling the magic of an ever changing, vivid story through the lines of her drawings!
So the last years she travels with her “Paintellings” in schools all over Europe for the love of the children, books & art.